Dedicated, passionate, & committed.



Drawing from their collective experiences in professional orchestras, ensembles, and academic institutions, such as Harvard University, New England Conservatory, Boston Conservatory, and Berklee College of Music, the Eureka Team brings a rich and varied perspective to the table.   



Kristo KondakçiArtistic Director & Conductor, co-founder

J. Andrés BallesterosLibrarian & Community Liaison

Mary O'KeefePersonnel Manager & Oboist

Ismael SandovalAssistant Conductor

Xiao'an Li, Artistic Advisor


Alan Toda–Ambaras, Executive Director & Cellist, co-founder

Lee Ann SongDirector of Development

Stella Brooks, Social Media Coordinator and Flute


All Things Harmony, Audio/Video Services

The Women’s Chorus

David Mccue, co-director and co-founder



Eureka is dedicated to engaging musicians through its unique organizational structure.  We uphold a culture based on passion, purpose, empathy, and mutual respect by ensuring that every voice is heard and every individual engaged.  


We are currently building a platform for official membership in the ensemble and will be holding auditions in Fall 2018.

The following roster represents musicians that have played with us between December 2016 – present.

*Names in BOLD indicate the original performers in eureka's debut.*


Carlos Aguilar

Stella Brooks

Arielle Burke

Kate Davison



Mark Debski

Mary O'Keefe

Andrew Port



David Angelo

David Dziardziel

Adam Floyd

Sam Frenduto

Matthew Gellar



Jensen Bocco

Ryan Turano



Seann Avery

Hannah Culbreth

Thomas Ossi

Alex Stening

Sean Turner

Reese Williams



Elmer Churampi

Gianluca Farina

Ben Jones

Mark Macha

Nathaniel Meyer



Kens Lui

Teddy Malasky

Kyle Peck

Felix Manuel-Padilla

Robyn Smith



Frank John



Joanna Chen

Neil McNulty

Reed Puleo



Angelina Savoia



Ariel Mo

Richard Rivale


Eva Aronian

Sophia Bernitz

Abi Fayette

Juliette Greer

Abigail Hong

Katharina Giegling

Geneva Lewis

Reina Murooka

Dillon Robb

Tanya Roos

Ha-Eun Ryu

Andrew Samarasekara

Ryan Shannon

Sophia Szokolay

Ceren Turkmenoglu

Alyssa Wang

Angela Wang

Sophie Wang

Sarah Yakir

Oukalin Yin

Heesoo Yoon


Ariel Chapman

Dominick Douglas

Rae Gallimore

Wenhong Luo

Abraham Martin

Jack Mobley

Leo Plashinov



Alan Toda-Ambaras

Eunghee Cho

Jamie Clark

Nitzan Gal

Kenny Lee

Magali Toy

Joy Yanai

Aihao Zheng



Avery Cardoza

Moises Carrasco

Harrison Klein

Nash Tomey

Pete Walsh


Community Partners & Collaborators

For every Eureka project, we focus on finding local partners in the community to build concerts and events around social causes.

Here are our partners and collaborators for the 2018-19 season.


Community Organizations

Boston Public Library

Cambridge Community Center

Cambridge Women's Center

Chelsea Collaborative

Codman Health Center

Daily Table, INC.

Eradicate Childhood Obesity Foundation

International Institute of New England

Pine St. Inn

Watertown Plumbing Museum

Women's Lunch Place


Musical Organizations

North Shore Music Theater

The Musary

Academic/Religious Institutions

Boston College High School

Cambridge Public Schools

Church of the Covenant