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Reina Murooka

Social Chair & Violinist

24 year old Japanese native Reina Murooka is a multi-faceted musician, programmer, and social activist. A graduate of the double-degree program at Bard College Conservatory, she earned her Bachelor of Art in German Studies and her Bachelor of Music in Violin Performance, studying with Weigang Li, Shmuel Ashkenasi, and Arnold Steinhardt. She is a current graduate student at the New England Conservatory, in Boston, MA, where she studies with Donald Weilerstein and Nicholas Kitchen. 

While living in Boston, she has discovered her passion for photography, tech, social change, cooking, and lifestyle blogging. As a classical musician, arts administrator, programmer, and advocate for education, social justice, and empathetic design concepts, she has continually worked towards the creation of new paradigms within communities plagued by lack of progress and innovation. Currently holding the position of New England Conservatory's Student Engagement Fellow, created in celebration of NEC's 150th Anniversary, Reina moderates links between students, faculty, and administrators to move toward transparent communication mediums between all departments. With tech and design, she wants to form creative missions that reach out to marginalized communities to service their expressed needs. Her passion for creating value is rooted in dynamic thinking, progressive technological ideation, an empathetic approach to customer needs and services, and a determination to communicate with truth and honesty.

Check out her website: www.musioxx.com

Email Reina at rm@eurekaensemble.org