Our Vision

Musicians are social innovators.


Eureka Ensemble uses classical music as a platform for social action and community engagement.

We identify a social issue facing our community, build strategic partnerships with local organizations, and then join together in chamber groups and as an orchestra to use music to address that issue.

We also work with artistically under-served communities through an extensive community engagement program, involving at-risk youth, people living with special needs, the deaf, the blind, as well as the economically less-fortunate.

Through our partnerships and inclusive programming, we perform not only in concert halls and churches, but also at schools, libraries, and civic centers in the city of Boston and across the commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Our core principle is that a musical ensemble is an ideal model for teamwork and community — in other words, a platform where different groups of people (in our case, violins, horns, trumpets, etc.) work together in pursuit of one common goal.

We believe that communities operate in the same way and that our music-making acts as an example for others to live into. We thus inspire new communities to form with music as the focal point. 

We strive for everyone to share in the 'eureka!' moment that a great work of art can inspire.


Eureka Ensemble Debut Concert | May 14, 2017 |

St. Paul's Cathedral, Boston