Our Vision

Musicians are social innovators.

We nurture social change through music. For the 2018–19 season, our focus is on communities marginalized by immigration or refugee status, childhood obesity, and homelessness.

Based in the greater Boston area, we identify an issue facing our community, build strategic partnerships with civic and social organizations, and then join together in chamber groups and as an orchestra to use music to address that issue.

Our core principle is that a musical ensemble is an ideal model for teamwork and community — in other words, a platform where different groups of people (in our case, violins, horns, trumpets, etc.) work together in pursuit of one common goal. We believe that communities operate in the same way and that our music-making acts as an example for others to live into. We thus inspire new communities to form with music as the focal point. 

We strive for everyone to share in the 'eureka!' moment that a great work of art can inspire.

2018–19 campaigns Overview

  1. A Sweet Fairy Tale – A musical initiative to educate the public on the dangers of added sugar and healthy nutrition. 

  2. Women's Chorus The Women's Chorus connects women experiencing severe poverty and homelessness with the healing power of music. Launching in Fall 2018, the group will rehearse twice weekly and performances will raise funds in support of causes that members will select.

  3. Voz de Chelsea A musical and educational initiative to celebrate, inspire, and empower Chelsea youth and families.

  4. Fearless: Eureka at BPLA musical and educational initiative to empower female voices in the arts through performance and interactive workshops with young audiences.


In 2016, conductor Kristo Kondakçi and cellist Alan Toda-Ambaras brought together 42 of their closest colleagues to combine music-making with social action. For the last five years, thousands of new and returning patrons have come to concerts that Kristo and Alan have given, and Eureka’s orchestral debut concert in May 2017 was sold-out, drawing crowds from diverse backgrounds and communities to St. Paul’s Cathedral in Boston, a house of prayer for all people.  Eureka Ensemble has led extensive outreach events and workshops in the commonwealth of Massachusetts and has built over 30 partnerships with community organizations throughout New England, such as the Boston Public Library, International Institute of New England, Chelsea Collaborative, Women's Lunch Place, Codman Health Center, and the Eradicate Childhood Obesity Foundation.