A musical and educational initiative to celebrate, inspire, and empower Chelsea youth and families.

Eureka and the Chelsea Collaborative are partnering to present a music course of 12 events (9 weekly classes, 2 rehearsals, 1 final performance) for interested students aged 8-15 enrolled by the Collaborative, focused on at-risk youth and refugees. 

All events will be hosted by the Collaborative, with musical instruction and portions of the final performance to be conducted by Eureka musicians.

Our focus will be on providing youth in Chelsea with opportunities to make music together; experience the joy and sense of purpose that comes from learning the craft of music-making; and to have students share and celebrate their musical achievement with the community through a final orchestral concert.  

The final concert will also feature a small ensemble performance by the Eureka musicians. Furthermore, for those participants interested in picking up an instrument or learning music outside of these events, Eureka will provide opportunities to explore both possibilities. The series will be implemented and publicized to ensure greatest possible impact for the local community.



  • Central focus: developing students’ ability to play with musical ideas through simple instrumental and/or physical activities

  • During this course, students will learn:

    • To handle and play with basic wind and percussion instruments as well as how to vocalize and engage in rhythmic activities

    • To work, play, and create in groups

    • To tell stories through musical sounds

    • To perform for a community audience


  1. Weeks 1-3: Instruments, Sounds, and Games

    • Become acquainted with instruments through group workshops (allow switching instruments and exploration)

    • Do ice breaker singing and rhythm exercises

  2. Weeks 4-6: Storytelling and Improvisation

    • Listen to examples of music with narrative and character (e.g. Peter and the Wolf, movie soundtrack excerpts)

    • Discuss/demonstrate how instruments in a group can have different roles

    • Come up with simple musical narrative passages in 2-3 person groups by assigning musical roles and sounds/motifs (still allow rotation/switching of instruments / musical roles of group members)

    • Group composes a piece of music together under guidance of Eureka team.

  3. Weeks 7-9: Group Commitment, Rehearsal, and Performance

    • Students commit to a single instrument or voice for the remainder of the program

    • Students and instructors decide on story and/or character for each group to perform (taking into consideration individual roles, sounds, simple group communication techniques, etc.)

    • Practice, rehearse, and perform!

This project made possible in part by: