2018 Eureka Choir Fellows



Contact Kristo or Johanna if you need anything!

Kristo cell: 781-985-1731
Johanna cell: 617-797-9230

The world premiere of Stephanie Ann Boyd's "Sheltering Voices" will feature our inaugural Eureka Ensemble Choral Fellows, consisting of amazing women that are guests at Pine St. Inn, Rosie's Place, and Women's Lunch Place. 

In addition to singing in the premiere performance of our commission, each fellow will receive a stipend for their work, meals during rehearsals, and an opportunity to share their stories on our blog and through other media.  Eureka Choral Fellows will always be a part of our family and we will work to give them future opportunities to perform.

This project offers a direct link to the performing arts and a chance for these women to learn about and experience their own creativity and growth; a unique therapeutic approach to healing and empowerment; and an opportunity to be involved in activism on sexual violence.


Rehearsal #1 - MONDAY, April 9, 2018: 10 AM - 1 PM (Church of the Covenant/Women's Lunch Place)

Rehearsal #2 - MONDAY, April 16, 2018: 12 pm - 3 pm (Pine St. inn)

Rehearsal #3 - MONDAY, april 23, 2018: 10 AM - 1 pm (Church of the Covenant/Women's Lunch Place)

Rehearsal #4 - MONDAY, April 30, 2018: 10 AM - 1 PM (Church of the Covenant/Women's Lunch Place)

Dress Rehearsal: tuesday, may 8, 2018: 6 - 7 pm (church of the covenant/women's lunch place)

Concert: saturday, may 12, 2018: 6 - 9 pm (church of the covenant/ women's lunch place)



You pull a song from your lyred, unbridled throat. You unravel this way, and become so large no one could possibly touch all
of you. We rework the tapestry, thread one story with another, pull loose knots,
reconcile, smooth threads beneath our soft palms.

We sing. You grow a garden and enshrine
each tender bud. We understand how to
nourish saplings as the flex toward the light,
fledglings spreading wings. Can anything be
feeble that grows or sings or flies?

You forage your voice and all the voices  
of women like you and braid them into
a robin’s throat, into a garnet tongue.Forage robins’ feathers from the grass, braid them into a garnet tongue. Call this home.


All of these gleaming windows, call them lungs
and they dance. Call them eyes and they let light
inside. Clemency, we wrote you a sad letter and it came back so we added more postage. Mercy, thank you for your card.
We’ve been saving spaces for each of you, feel that? The sheets are still warm. Radiant, all of it. Dear, sparkling hum of bees

Dear, Hope— Dear, bustling leaves with your nimble, thin yawns slipping through dawn’s chiffon light— thank you
for waiting on us, for still shining on every ravaged body brimming with light.