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Avik Chari

Music Librarian

Avik Chari (b. 1995) is a Singaporean composer of contemporary classical, progressive metal, chill dubstep - anything not mainstream so he can finally buy those hipster glasses he's always wanted to wear. He enjoys composing unusual music in the seclusion of his room, after an adventurous day in the army, rock climbing literally anything (his mom isn't too happy about this), or exploring those rare quiet spots in the hustle and bustle of Singapore/Boston with his girlfriend, Navisha. He aspires to one day create a soundtrack for his own life by starting a video game audio company (#VR).

Avik's interest in composition began with a fervent love for scores. What began as an interest in the aesthetics of sheet music, and its importance in preserving history, grew to a fascination with stylistic trends in notation, engraving and presentation. He began to transcribe music that the guitarists in his metal band would play, and found himself engrossed in the varied notation styles for different instruments. He thus started his study in composition, as an engraver, editing and preparing parts for music publishers. His love for presentation, and for a written form of communication and transfer of ideas is what led him to contemporary classical music, and even classical music in general.

This fascination with notation and presentation led him to the role of the music librarian. In addition to the Eureka Ensemble, he currently serves at the libraries of the Boston Symphony Orchestra and the Boston Conservatory at Berklee, and has worked at the libraries of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, the Berklee French Film Orchestra and the Vertex Ensemble.

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