Eureka's mission is to use classical music as a platform for social action and outreach. We bring together people from all walks of life through high-quality performances via immersive, interactive formats and direct engagement & outreach. We empower our listeners to connect deeply with themselves and each other and to choose a life of passion and purpose through our music-making.

Our concerts focus on supporting social causes by creating partnerships with social service organizations, raising awareness, raising funds, and making an impact in the local community through music and the orchestral experience. Our programming also involves audience participation, where listeners have the opportunity to conduct and perform in ensembles; to sit with musicians during a concert or rehearsal; to learn about, touch, and play instruments in interactive “instrument playground” workshops; and to use social media in real-time to follow the music and start or join conversations about it. 

Eureka is dedicated to working with artistically under-served communities. These include people living with special needs, including the deaf and the blind, and in assisted living centers as well as the economically less fortunate.  With the support of strategic partnerships with local institutions, we conduct outreach events at schools, libraries, civic centers, and homeless shelters.  Our partners include music organizations that lend us instruments for our community events, local universities, schools, businesses, non-profit organizations.